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FAQ (Frequently Asked questions)

Our residence


Will you have a room for families?

Yes, it is with pleasure that we welcome the resident's family. It is important that family ties remain strong.


What kind of staff do you have?

We have full time medical staff (employed doctor, nurse, caregiver), paramedics, a team of hospitality (maintenance, laundry), restoration (brigade, room service), technical team (maintenance, security, gardens) and administration.


Medical care?

         No, although the presence of a French doctor is permanent, the site is not a hospital.


Laundry ?

         Linen all for our residents is maintained by us. The cost of this service is included. 


Can we have internet and TV?

         Yes, the site is equipped with WiFi and therefore accessible.

         TV is available in rooms and common areas.

         We recommend using the Internet for communication with family. 




Is it possible to bring food to the resident?

Yes, it is possible to bring food if there are no medical indications. However, special attention will be needed to preserve despite the presence of a refrigerator in the room.


The residence can it adapts meals for medically prescribed diets?

Yes, the hotel is able to meet pension adapting meals to the health of each person with the nutritionist and medical team Council. Meals are designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of older people.






         An advance payment is required for short stays.

         Living expenses are to be paid one month in advance and the 5th of the month for the           current month for long stays (see agreement of each resident).

         The regulations may be made by cheque, bank transfer or direct debit.



Tax benefit?

There are no tax incentives provided. For longer stays, the home country-Vietnamese Convention applies if exist. It may be interesting to study each case.



Comfort of our residents


Can we bring a pet?

For longer stays only because it takes into account the quarantine required for entry of a living animal, and provided that the animal is not a nuisance to other residents: with the agreement of the management, the animal can then be accepted.


Can be visited when desired?

You can visit your family and friends whenever you want, respecting the possible schedules operation of the service, dignity and privacy of other residents. You can also leave the residence as you wish. Because of our duty of supervision, we ask you or your family to let us know. You can also leave for personal reasons.

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