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« Changer d'horizon pour

une vie de Bien-être »



With these extensive facilities (library, swimming pool, playground, gym space and space wellness...). The residence offers plenty of entertainment and activities, supervised by our head "Daily Life" polyglot. Everything is indeed implemented to maintain social ties. But the resident is still totally free to choose and participate in activities according to desires.


The program of activities is being developed by the «Entertainment Committee" that residents participate.

An overview of the activities and entertainment can be found:

  • Sports: a «golf practice" (to come), a gym with weight machines and a safe swimming pool supervised by a lifeguard are available to residents.


  • Sessions of traditional soft exercises and gymnastics are held every day.


  • Botanical enthusiasts will discover gardening and local species.


  • "Living Wellness" for relaxation massage (included) and access to the SPA (sauna, steam room, spa bath, foot massage ...) for comfort and relaxation. Hairdresser, body care and aesthetic can be ordered and delivered on site or in town.


  • Several common rooms allow the activities of different games, painting, sewing, embroidery, etc.


  • A library and a media library are available as well as Internet stations. To ensure family ties, usage of modern communication chats are encouraged and assistance is provided for beginners. WiFi is available throughout the site.


  • Presentations on various topics can be organized and residents are invited to share their experiences.


  • Evenings on-site or out in the town can be arranged, as well as sightseeing tours. We can also help visitors to our residents to organize tour.


  • We open the house to the outside, to develop a rich and vibrant social life. Thus, we invite students in French or English to come and chat with our residents. These meetings provide opportunities for exchange beneficial to all.

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