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« Changer d'horizon pour

une vie de Bien-être »


The full-time medical and paramedical team is led by our doctor Coordinator, Dr KHAN VAN LE THI, GP Franco-Vietnamese graduate in France. She is assisted by nurses. A nutritionist involved in the development of meals. Although a permanent medical presence is ensured on site, “Les Hameaux de l’Orient” is not a medical facility or medical care. Physiotherapists, dentists, ophthalmologists and other specialties are available in town.

A second level of medical care is available at the Franco-Vietnamese Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, HAS  approved ("Haute Autorité de Santé", the French public institution of health regulation) available in less than 2 hours. Our partnership agreement with the large international hospital allows us to offer our residents a welcome special rates for external specialist care (medical tests, x-rays, etc.).


In an emergency, the doctor on site in a direct line with the referring resident’s doctor and with the doctors of the Franco-Vietnamese Hospital, decide on the best strategy for care: ambulance to Franco-Vietnamese hospital, care at the local hospital in Cu Chi near the residence, etc.


Before your stay, we invite you to contact your Social Security, your supplemental health insurance, etc.

For your well-being, a complete relaxation is also available, featuring a sauna, steam room, spa. Beauticians can offer care by appointment. Finally, a healthy lifestyle, our extensive sports facilities allow you to be physically active, supervised by an attentive staff.

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